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WARNING! There's a credit trap laid by greedy
CEOs that like an anaconda chokes the life out
of many businesses. Here's how to avoid that
trap and get on the road to success.

"How a 27- Year Old Louisiana Boy Went From $56,321.69

in Credit Card Debt to Having Debt Freedom & a Line of

$200,000 Business Credit that Lets Him Turbo-Charge the

Growth of His Businesses... and How YOU can too!"

Introducing a revolutionary, "fool-proof" step-by-step system that's proven to do a 180 on your bad
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From: Connor Mathews

Dear Entrepreneur

Every day, 1,643 businesses die. Year's worth of dreaming, planning and toil go up in smoke daily. At the same time, countless other businesses are on life support, barely scraping by causing the owners untold anxiety, ulcers and financial problems. Survey after survey pinpoints the reason why this happens … and could happen to you … is because of a lack of capitol.

Sure, it's not sexy. We all like to talk about marvelous products that'll change the world, brilliant marketing campaigns, packaging, branding, selling and other adrenalin pumping topics. But to resist going under, you've got to understand your number one enemy and that's how to avoid having a lack of capitol. Ask yourself this question...

What if you wake up on morning and suddenly your cash flow is as dry as the Sierra Desert in July?

You may be bringing in sales and making a nice little profit, but the chance of having large amounts of excess cash just lying around is likely nonexistent.

Even if you implement a smart system designed to improve sales and bring in new clients on a consistent basis, it's rarely enough.

Believe me, at some point in the life of your company the money ALWAYS becomes tight - whether it's from profit loss, rising overhead costs, or simply growing pains as your business expands to meet your goals. But really, what can you do? That's all just a part of being an entrepreneur, right?

It doesn't have to be! The best solution is to have a solid line of business credit at your disposal.

This shocking expose
shreds the curtain and
lays bare the startling
truth of how countless
small business

-just like YOU-
unsuspectingly fall prey
to an unfairly calculated system that cripples
their finances and crushes their fragile dreams into
mere dust.

Read on to
discover how YOU
can avoid these
devastating and
deadly pitfalls!

  We're sorry to break the bad news, but the fact of the matter is the odds are already stacked against you. Fat Cat CEOs sitting in cushy $1500 supple leather chairs, bankrolling lending institutions and eagerly awaiting the chance to nickel and dime you to death, MILKING YOU for all you've got. They'd take your first born, if they could!

Granted, not all institutions are like this, but you've got to know who to trust and the rules to win this fixed game.

That's what all the corporate Big Boys do. It's what the successful CEOs who've come from rags to riches did. They secured a good line of corporate credit that can not only protect them from normal business growing pains and financial famines, but also speed up the growth of their enterprise.

It's what you need to do. And that's precisely what we are going to teach you to do. Here in our Business Credit Strategies system, you're going to discover the exact strategies for any business, with any credit rating, (or none at all!) to get a concrete line of business credit that will carry you right on in to the Winner's Circle - with no personal guarantee.

Do it the right way and flourish beyond your wildest dreams. Do it the wrong way and sink like a one ton brick.

Here are the secrets to the tried and true system all the financial gurus use to get their company to the top of the Fortune 500 list…

If your livelihood depended on it...

(and it does)

...Do you know all you need to know about securing

a line of Business Credit that could not only save your corporate

tooshy but help you double, even triple your current income?
You bring in a hefty profit from sales and your cash flow is, well, flowing. So why should you worry about getting credit? Discover why having a line of credit is crucial to the success and longevity of your business.
Setting up a new financial endeavor takes more than choosing a product or service and setting up a website and a phone line. The best way to be successful and quickly get the financing you'll need is to hit the ground running with a smart and detailed plan of action.
One of the worst mistakes you can make, both personally and professionally, is using only personal credit options to finance your new company. So what are your choices? Find out and save yourself a world of pain and stress!
Fact: The major credit reporting bureaus can make or break your chances of getting the credit you deserve. Discover how they operate and the smart moves you need to make in order to come out ahead (and still maintain your sanity!)
Few realize that simply paying your bills on time may not be enough to get you the credit you really need. Amazingly, the key is getting your vendors to actually report your positive marks! Discover these simple steps to using your consistently good payment history to quickly improve your credit profile with the major reporting bureaus.
Some lending companies are more willing to work with small businesses and start-ups than others. Who are they? Are you willing to risk the embarrassment of getting rejected by multiple lenders? How can you up your chances of being accepted the first time?
Don't take "no" for an answer. There's still hope! Find out how you can get a resounding "yes" from some of the toughest lenders when you need financing.
Wouldn't it be good if you had the questions before you took the test? Get the inside scoop on what lenders are looking for when reviewing your credit and loan application. How can you make your company stand out among the sea of other companies competing for funds?
Find out what you must know first before you sign your name on the dotted line. What types of loans are available? Who can apply? What is required? We'll tell you all you need to know so you'll be prepared!
ORDER the DEFINITIVE GUIDE on the market,
and if you strictly
follow the rules, your company can grow and succeed beyond your wildest dreams, and surpass your goals.

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Outsmarting the Credit Conspirators

Uncover the simple secret to financing your dreams

with ZERO cash upfront!

It takes a long time to understand how to untangle the complex, intricate network of business credit. Meanwhile, how will you keep the money flowing into your business, especially during lean times? Can you make it without a reserve credit line?

The answer is an unequivocal NO.

This is why it's absolutely CRITICAL that you fully understand the real truth behind how business credit works and how you can put it to your advantage right away.

You spend countless hours planning, saving, and working. You open the doors to your brand new business and new customers just come stampeding in. Your financial forecast looks like smooth sailing from here on out.

So you sit back and take a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of cash. Business is good. Life is good. Your dream has finally materialized. You are a success!

But it doesn't take much for someone to pull the plug on your newly realized dream.

We all know that it's so easy to underestimate the amount of cash flow you'll need to start and maintain your enterprise. No matter what you've planned on or how you expect things to go, I can guarantee that at some point, fate will step in and take a few tugs on your life support line. If you're going to survive, you'd better know how to prevent, or at least cure, your financial ailments before they become terminal. You've got to learn where, when, how, and why additional financing sources - like corporate credit - will keep you breathing easy even during the toughest of times.

The Single, Most Important Dirty Word!

Are you cringing at the thought of relying on credit for your business to be successful? Does the word 'Credit' tie your stomach up in knots? Credit doesn't have to be a dirty word, and unless you have a bottomless trust fund, you will have to borrow money somewhere along the line.

Look at it this way - your business is like a car. Whether it's a sleek high-performance machine or a trendy economic hybrid, this car needs fuel. It craves fuel. You can't expect to rev your engine and get where you're heading if the gas tank is running on fumes.

The same principle applies in the corporate world. Cash is the fuel your business machine runs on, and you need a good continuous flow to guarantee that you don't stall, or worse.

But perhaps you're under the assumption that you will let the profits from your business fuel its engine and keep it running smoothly. That's ideally how it's supposed to work, but that's just not so in the real world. For example, let's say you're doing really well and the demand for your product or service is high.

You suddenly realize you need to add a second or even a third shift in order to meet the growing demand. This is why you need supplementary cash flow. To Hire and train new employees costs money. Increasing warehouse or office space costs even more money. Purchasing new equipment for faster product output costs a lot more money

One morning you could wake up to find that
without warning,
a recession has hit
America because the
stock market collapsed overnight. Or what if along
the way you lose a
handful of your most
important customers or
corporate accounts?
What if your production
is stalled because of an
unexpected equipment
failure? What if your
competition outspends
you with prime advertising
or improves their product
or service first? What if
you're slapped with a
huge lawsuit or get that dreaded call from the IRS?

These 'What Ifs' could mean the end for your small business! Are you at all prepared?

Are you willing to
give up your personal
assets simply because
you made a few mistakes
or bad decisions?

Where will the money come from to meet these urgent demands for growth? Usually at this point in your business, your sales influx isn't likely to cover it all upfront - you require capital.

On the other hand, your sales could drastically drop, sometimes for no good reason. Happens all the time. Demand slacks off or your competition enters the game with a slightly more improved product or service.

Equipment fails, computers crash and data is lost, employees scream mutiny. What about another terrorist attack like 9/11 or a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina? If it happens and you're not prepared, then your enterprise, your life line, could sink and die an untimely death.

It's easy to shrug off these "What Ifs". But the fact remains, these factors are a typical part of doing business, so you've got to be prepared to deal with them. If you don't have an established line of business credit to draw upon in the time of need, are you really running a serious business or are you just playing "Shoppe"?

By now you realize your company can't survive without additional financial resources. Whether or not you need it right now isn't really the point - just having the option of using your corporate credit in the near future will allow you to MAINTAIN CONTROL over all aspects of your financial success and allow you to breathe easier knowing you are fully prepared for what may come.

Once you've made the decision to get your credit affairs in order, you need to know there are some obstacles that could prevent you from getting the credit approvals you desperately seek. Be aware that for every brick wall you encounter, there is a way around it, or under it, or over it!

You don't have to beg for mercy from greedy credit card companies that charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege of using their cards. And you don't have to put up your personal assets as collateral to get started in the world of business credit. Moreover, you don't need to sacrifice your personal credit lines for business purchases or cash advances.

Those are just a few of the don'ts of getting business credit. This area can get very confusing, especially if you haven't got a clue about the ins and outs of corporate credit. Even a little mistake has a price and sometimes it's a painful one!

Guarantee these 800 Pound Corporate Mammoths

Are Playing On Your Team!

Every area has its mammoths and in the corporate credit world, there are two colossal giants that can make or break you - literally. They can be your best friends or your mortal enemies - and when I say "mortal," I mean deadly. I'm referring to the 2 biggest credit reporting agencies in America. They exist only to gather endless data on companies and their payment history. In a way, you can think of them as your snitches. If you pay consistently on time - you've really got nothing to fear.

On the other hand, if you slack at all, you might as well pick up a shovel and start digging a grave for your company's good name because it's all over - good night Irene. But if you play strictly by their rules, you can use them to your advantage and then the financial scales will finally be tipped in your favor!

Dun & Bradstreet (a.k.a. D&B) and Experian are the top 2 power brokers in the credit reporting arena. Even if you choose to have nothing to do with these companies (a big mistake) they're watching you. And they don't need your permission to give the lowdown on your payment history to all who inquire.

Let's say, for instance, you had a beef with a supplier who delivered damaged goods to you. So you didn't pay them. And why should you, right? No goods - no pay! So you haggle over the issue for a couple of months and then you move on not really giving it a second thought.

Meanwhile, some bookkeeper tucked away in a cubicle at this supplier's office dutifully reports to D&B or Experian that you have an unpaid bill now more than 90 days overdue! Regrettably, this lone bean counter doesn't have the option of giving details or explanations because the credit bureaus are only concerned with what you owe and if you consistently pay on time. End of story.

You get a number score and that's it - no reprieve, no grace.

Let's fast forward now. You realize that you need a line of credit to see you through a sluggish period. No big deal really. This is typically your slow season and you know sales will pick back up to normal soon. You apply for a small loan and feel like it's a no-brainer, right?

of how to earn, fix and
build an impeccable credit profile with the likes of
D&B and Experian - even if you have been declined by lenders, suppliers and
credit card companies
in the past. ORDER TODAY!

But guess what? Denied! You've got a black mark on your credit report. On top of that, you find out that a lot of the companies that you do pay on time don't consistently report to D&B or Experian! Add to the fact that your numbers are slipping right now, you don't look like a good credit risk.

So now what?

This is a painfully common scenario. More and more entrepreneurs are learning this tough lesson in credit reporting the hard way. And I'll say this, the tuition for this school of hard knocks is extremely expensive. And really unnecessary.

So here you are, beating yourself up for not taking the time way back to learn how the system worked, and how to work the system. You could have corrected your mistakes and checked to make sure you had substantially more positive marks from other more reputable creditors to offset a bad report.

There are simple steps you can take to stay on top of your credit profiles with D&B and Experian. Once you know the rules of the game, you can really work the system like a pro and qualify for the credit you need.

Is Limited Credit Suffocating You?
The point of getting credit is to protect you from using up all of the cash you have on hand. When someone is willing to extend you good credit terms and you've got a good failsafe plan for repaying the loan, credit works exquisitely - just as it should! And it leaves you with the cash you need for other smaller expenses when using credit isn't the best choice.

But just getting credit can be a Catch-22. You need good credit history in order to get more credit, but you can't get credit without the history. Ironic, isn't it? Without a strong corporate credit profile, lenders are hesitant to loan you their precious money - whether it's a traditional business loan, small line of credit, revolving credit, or other source of financing. Insufficient funding will choke the life out of your business faster than you can say bankruptcy!

In order for you and your company to remain financially vibrant, you need to understand Who, What and Where your credit sources are. Build your credit profile before the money gets tight and you'll have it ready and waiting when you need to loosen the choke on your cash flow.

That dirty little 6 letter word again...
If you're like a lot of people, especially entrepreneurs, the word "credit" conjures up disturbing thoughts of outrageous interest rates, annual fees, and tons of disclaimers in microscopic type. Sometimes it feels more like you've made a deal with the devil when you sign your name to a credit card or loan. It's easy to understand why you see lots of commercials on TV offering to help people get out of serious credit card debt.

With so much negative buzz about credit, it's easy to forget that having credit doesn't actually bankrupt people. But the misuse of credit does. Some people hastily act on tempting credit offers and then turn around and use these credit cards as a free ticket to a shopping spree, without conscience or common sense.

They over-extend themselves and then, as the interest rates sky-rocket and minimum monthly payments don't make a dent in their balance, they end up drowning in an endless sea of debt.

But when put in capable hands, Corporate Credit can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. The calculating entrepreneur knows it's much more practical to leverage someone else's money than drain the company's own funds, when at all possible!

But just like you wouldn't sabotage your own equipment or push your personnel to the brink of exhaustion, you need to intelligently manage your credit.

Credit is the Cure for Chronic Cash Crunch
Credit can come from different sources and there are several types. You can get a line of credit directly from your bank as well as your suppliers. Then there's revolving credit, which is like most of your consumer credit cards like Home Depot or Sears.

But no matter what type of credit you select, you will still have to meet certain criteria in order to be officially approved. If you know what the lender is looking for then you've got a much larger chance of getting the funds your company needs, without a personal guarantee.

Getting a "Yes!" is only half the battle - learning how to use it to your best advantage plays a major role in your company's financial well-being. Lines of credit shouldn't be confused with an open invitation to spend because you may soon realize you don't have the ability to keep up with the steep payments, inflating interest rates and ever-increasing fees.

Be careful! It's just too easy to make a mistake you can't fix.

The "trading card" mentality is one of those mistakes. Ever collect Baseball cards, coins or something unique? It's addicting, right? Well some people collect credit cards! Signing on for every credit card offer that comes your way may seem like a harmless idea - the more the merrier, right?

RESIST! It will cost you big in the end.

Every credit card you have shows up on your credit profile. Too much credit can send up a red flag and discourage the one lender you may really need.

Digging Out From Under a Whopping $56,321.69

in Credit Card Debt!

A little education can go a long way. It's actually the main reason I developed my Business Credit Strategies Home Success Kit.

See, even way back at the tender age of 17, I detested the thought of working my fingers to the bone for the next 45 years, just so someone else could reap the rewards of my labor. So I started my first business. I thought my brilliant idea alone was enough to make me a huge success.

In fact, I was sure of it! I was ready to be the next wonder kid like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Looking back, I admit I was naïve. I didn't play by the rules. After 7 years, I had only succeeded in amassing over $56,321 in personal credit card debt. My dreams were disintegrating. I felt doomed.

But instead of giving up and accepting defeat, I humbly sought the help of accomplished businesspeople who willingly showed me how to turn my life - and my business - around. With patience and thoroughness, they taught me the right way to run my business and manage my finances. I followed their sound advice and soon repaid that $46,320 and finally start attaining my dream of success.

Since then, I've started 14 businesses of my own from scratch and built credit lines and positive cash flow for each one. Then I helped a couple of other entrepreneurs do the same. Before long, 47 small businesses were successfully following these tried and true methods. I realized how valuable these lessons are to business owners like you, so I developed the Business Credit Strategies Home Success Kit.

This kit is my way of passing the indispensable help I received from my mentors on to others who can certainly use a similar friend in the business world. This is your best solution for establishing a positive credit profile in just 90 days and giving you the essential tools for avoiding the common mistakes that result in an untimely death to so many small businesses.

Can you imagine what it'll be like to attain a credit line of $50,000 to $200,000 for your company? It can happen for you whether you've been around for years or just commenced operations. And it can all be yours but only if you know how.

Only my Business Credit Strategies Home Success Kit shows you how to avoid the traps set by Fat Cat CEOs to bleed your wallet dry so you can attain a prized credit line that'll make your competitors green with envy. Here's a sneak peak of what you're about to discover …

You'll discover

of how to earn, fix and
build an impeccable credit profile with the likes of
D&B and Experian - even
if you've been declined by lenders, suppliers and
credit card companies
in the past.

It's the definitive guide on the market,
and if you strictly
follow the rules, your
company can grow and succeed beyond your
wildest dreams and
surpass your goals.

4 Audio CD's:
584,500 small businesses close every year – how to avoid being one of them
Powerful positioning strategies for picking the right business name
A $12,000 mistake a company made by picking the wrong business name
Incorporate your business or not? Here's how to decide.
The business entity that affords you distinct tax advantages and asset protection
Which business entity hits you with double-taxation yet yields the most asset protection
How to set up a trademark ™
How to get your Tax Identification Number
How to get set up with the required business licenses you may need
The 6 phone numbers of competent professionals that every smart business person must have in their rolodex
Insider tips about why the location of your new business matters to your credit
What every businessperson must know about Dun & Bradstreet and Experian credit bureaus
Other credit bureaus you should know about
How to get your DUNS number
How to understand the reporting and analyzing systems of the major credit bureaus
What kind of information you should never send to Dun & Bradstreet
How to interpret a D&B report
How to use the information on your D&B report to your advantage
What to do if you find errors on your D&B report
How to know if you need to hire a credit coach
The ideal Paydex and Intelliscore you should have and how to achieve it
How to keep your business credit separate from your personal credit
What you should know about personal guarantees
7 vendors that do not require personal guarantees
Insider secrets to getting good commercial credit cards
6 mistakes to avoid with your new commercial credit cards
The best move to make if a credit card company rejects you
How to know when you need a business loan and the smart way to get it
5 factors you must know to determine how much financing you need
6 business loan options and how to determine which one is right for you
The best way to get a business loan from the SBA or SCORE
How to get micro-loans for $1,000 to $35,000
The right way to set up a business plan that draws money like metal to a magnet
5 things lenders look at when they consider your loan request
Amazing creative financing approaches for getting the financing you need
9 friendly small business credit card companies
21 good companies you can apply for a corporate account with to build your credit file
Best banks for entrepreneurs to do business with
Plus much, much, MORE!
Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Business Credit:
The single-biggest mistake most business people make when it comes to building business credit
7 vital steps for building business credit that lets you bypass the traps set by greedy CEOs
How it's possible to end up doubling, tripling and often quadrupling the amount of money a lender grants you
How to avoid “Red Flags” that'll deny you financing from lenders
If you're a sole proprietor, here's what you absolutely must know about building business credit
What to do if one of your business partners has bad credit and how to avoid missing out on financing due to their record
A little-known yet tremendously effective resource for getting out of debt
True or False? Those people who set up a corporation in the past, and didn't get a Tax ID at that time, will lose their past business history when the Tax ID is finally established. We reveal the answer.
Why having a certain address could prevent you from receiving loan money
How a certain type of phone number that you must attain can make all the difference when applying for a loan
Banks and credit bureaus regard certain SIC and NAISC codes as “high risk” – discover which codes these are and what to do if your industry is considered “high risk”
A clever, 100% legal trick that significantly helps you persuade the banks and business credit bureaus to write you a check for the money you need
The 6 things you must have to properly set up a business bank account
How to get a high business bank account rating
A special type of advertisement your business must have to satisfy the lending requirements of some lenders
For those starting up, there's a diabolical strategy that bypasses much of the grunt work to build business credit – you'll love how easy this is, but it will cost some money
A 60% effective technique for removing inquiries on your personal credit file
How to avoid the $599 mistake many business people make when dealing with Dun & Bradstreet
3 strategies for building your Paydex score
How to properly get set up with D&B, Corporate Experian Bureau and Business Equifax
How to properly read your credit reports and avoid the mistakes most business people make when they review them
Step-by-step how to set up a tier 1 through 4 trade account
How to loan money to your business
The limit on how many times you can pull up your D&B file per month before being classified in the “high risk” category
Plus, much, much MORE!
ORDER the DEFINITIVE GUIDE on the market,
and if you strictly
follow the rules, your company can grow and succeed beyond your wildest dreams, and surpass your goals.

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You may be wondering how much

the Business Credit Strategies Home Success Kit will run you...

Ask yourself these 2 questions and be honest:

"Is having a business advantage worth it?" You bet it is.

"Is having an escape door from growing pains and lean times worth it?" Absolutely.

Turn a blind eye to this information and you're flying blind and that's not hyperbole. Attempting to build a dream without a solid line of business credit is like walking onto a Nascar Racetrack right after the green light. Sooner or later, you're going to get hit...Hard! This home-study program is your protection.

Today you can OWN the complete Business Credit Strategies Home Success Kit, not for the regular price of $935, but for the low introductory price of $497. That's a savings of over $438! An absolute steal when you look at what you'll be getting in return for such a small investment. But why am I making such a sweet introductory offer when I could easily charge 3 times as much?

I'm offering this low price during the pre-launch of this product with hopes that you'll sincerely love the program and offer me an honest testimonial about its' true value to you and your credit. Your opinion counts and will help me assure future customers of the VALUE of this program. And I know for a fact that if you strictly follow the sound advice I've compiled in the Business Credit Strategies Home Success Kit, word for word, you'll get the results you want.

The good news is, you can at last own the complete Business Credit Strategies Home Success Kit, not for the regular price of $935, but for the special introductory price of just $497. That's a SAVINGS of $438 when you order today.

Yes for just 80 cents a day you can attain up to $200,000 worth of credit that'll see you through the hard times and give you the coveted power to put your business growth on steroids – pumping your personal income to a level you never imagined possible.

Sure, I could easily charge three times as much for this course and believe me, it's absolutely worth every penny and then some. You see, I'm offering this bargain today during my pre-launch with hopes you'll love this program so much, you'll give me a glowing testimonial about how your life positively changed from it. Your opinion matters to me and assures future customers of the value of this program.

And I know undoubtedly that when you follow my step-by-step formula, you'll get the results you want – guaranteed! And if you think this is great, wait till you hear this.

ORDER the DEFINITIVE GUIDE on the market,
and if you strictly
follow the rules, your company can grow and succeed beyond your wildest dreams, and surpass your goals.

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You're protected by my iron-clad guarantee. Here's how it works. Order Business Credit Strategies Home Success Kit today, then test it, try it, use it. Only then decide if it's everything I say it is and more! In fact, I'm giving you not 30 days, not 60 days, but 6 months to prove this system will give you the jump on your competitors and unstoppable cash flow.

Plus, if for any reason you weren't satisfied, simply let me know and you'll receive a prompt and courthouse refund, with no questions asked. You'll have seen insider secrets that Fat Cat CEOs pray you'll never discover. Better still, all valuable bonuses minus the incorporation service are yours FREE to keep regardless! That means either way, you come out at least $247 ahead!

  It's super easy to order!

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Best regards,

Connor Mathews
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